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About LabToLab

LabToLab-Leading the industry in advanced polymer biomaterials and bio-convergence technology

LabToLab Co., Ltd. is a research company located in Daejeon, South Korea. LabToLab provides 3D cell culture hydrogel materials and devices for cell therapy, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and screening, cancer therapy, and services with their biomedical applications. LabToLab is leading the development and commercialization of bioconvergence technologies.

We provide our original self-developed biomaterials that are natural polymer-based thermosensitive hydrogels and original technologies in the biomedical fields. Our thermosensitive hydrogels that demonstrate thermoreversible sol-gel transition have better physical and biological properties than conventional synthetic polymer-based thermosensitive hydrogel materials, and they are also world-class hydrogel source materials.

We supply ultra-low cell binding source materials Our 3D cell culture products which are based on ultra-low cell binding materials can effectively produce a large amount of cell spheroids in a short period of time. It shows superior performance compared to foreign products. We possess the intellectual property rights, domestic and abroad, and it is our representative innovative product that is more technological, efficient, and economical than similar foreign products.

Based on the original technologies of biomaterials and 3D culture system, LabToLab aims to become a leading company for research and development of bio-health that creates future technologies for the development of organoids, artificial organs, cell therapies, cancer therapies, and drug discovery and screening.

LabToLab Co., Ltd. CEO

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